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We recommend Lender Spreadsheet!

If you're a Hard Money Private Lender

If you have a Take-Back Mortgage

If you Originate, Invest in or Buy Mortgage Notes

If you're looking for affordable Mortgage Software

If you're a Real Estate Investor

PRO Version only $79.99

One-off charge, NO renewal fees

The #1 Spreadsheet for Mortgage Loan Servicing and Managment

Lender Spreadsheet is designed by us for use with our own portfolio. After extensive testing and use in our own business for several years, we are able to give you the opportunity to try and compare our Loan Servicing Spreadsheet for Mortgage Accounting and Management and buy the PRO version for only $79.99!

All you need apart from our downloadable spreadsheet is Microsoft® Excel® 2007 or later and Microsoft® Windows 8.1 or later or Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) or later with Microsoft® Excel® 2016 or later.


We use our loan servicing spreadsheet ourselves

We have 30 years experience originating hard money loans and have a portfolio of over 70 private mortgages. The features we have included are everything we need to manage our entire portfolio!

Who would benefity from our spreadsheet?

We take care of all your mortgage accounting needs with Lender Spreadsheet
  • If you’re a Hard Money Lender who Originates Private Mortgages, then our Lender Spreadsheet has you covered.
  • If you invest in or originate mortgage notes, buy notes or invest in real estate then we cater for you.
  • Maybe you only own a few mortgage loans and you’re struggling with your own spreadsheets.
  • it’s very simple to copy the spreadsheet for as many loans as you have, so it is scalable to your business.
  • You don’t want to pay hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for dedicated software. our spreadsheet is all the software you'll need!

Why Buy Lender Spreadsheet?

PRO User Account

If you have purchased Lender Spreadsheet PRO version, then you will be able to login to your own dedicated account. You will be able to download the latest version at any time, plus any other files that are for PRO customers only.

Loans up to 30 years

You can create a loan of any period up to 30 years on the PRO version. That covers you for pretty much all timescales that you could need for a standard mortgage.

No Coding required

Our spreadsheet is ready to use without any knowledge of complicated formulae in Excel®. If you are able to use Microsoft® Excel® you can use our spreadsheet!


We do not offer support on the Lite version. PRO customers can login to their account and send us a support request message and attach a file.

I have Further Questions

Our Frequently Asked Questions page answers the most likely questions you may have for Lender Spreadsheet. If you still have questions, there is a link to contact us.

Let Us Help

Get in touch if you’re having problems, need something specific or have questions about our spreadsheet.

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Existing customers of Lender Software Pro v1.7.x claim a FREE upgrade to v2.0.x

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